MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz

MAW Energy Blue Buzz

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MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

Blue Buzz is  blue raspberry.

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Customer Reviews

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Dane Anker
Blue Raspberry Taste & Consistent Quality

I'll start with the taste review and then review the quality of the mix.
It's blue raspberry, not too sweet, not too sour, not too intense a flavor. Mild blue rasp koolaid kind of taste. It's one of the less intensely flavored mixes Maw has to offer so I don't cut it with as much water. I typically mix 1 scoop per 10 oz seltzer or water with lots of ice. Of course you can tweak it if it's too strong/weak. The blue color is not found in nature, it's a gatorade/windex sort of situation if aesthetics matter to you.
This stuff indeed hypes you up like an energy drink. It dissolves fast, and if you're doing 1 scoop per go it lasts forever. I'm very pleased at how fast and thoroughly it dissolves, no clumps.
5 out of 5 for a powdered energy drink in regards to flavor, effect, quality and value

Alec Cook
Bot my favorite flavor

The blue buzz isn't what I expected, and not my favorite flavor. Definitely enjoy the green growl and arctic howl more than this one, But it's not bad I'll finish out the tub just probably won't buy another.

Jeremy Hayes

Tastes great and works fantastic

2nd favorite

this is actually my 2nd favorite. it's a little interesting to look at when mixed w/ 2 scoops in a maw shaker bottle.. kinda "windex'y" to look at.. but it tastes good and does the job. 100mg of vit c per scoop.. which still puts it below many pre-workouts. i will agree with a comment below that the jar is listed at 60 servings.. yet.. if you use 2-3 scoops per "serving".. you're not getting 60 "servings". normally i wouldn't complain.. but the fact of the matter is.. this stuff costs more than my pre-workout does. you'd think someone would atleast fill the jar considering it's size.

i do definitely appreciate the fact that it doesn't have a ton of sugar or spike blood sugar. and that it's not loaded with so much vitamin C that it will jack with a CGM.

While not my absolute favorite flavor of maw, it's definitely a close 2nd.

i will also add.. that it doesn't seem to separate from the water once mixed (some pre-workouts do).. it also completely dissolves in water without a ton of fuss. (again, unlike some pre-workout mixes). so there's no gritty crap in the bottom of your cup. both are pretty big perks imo. my only complaint.. is that the scoop.. is shipped inside the container.. and the amount of dye in the product means that to retrieve the scoop - you're going to wind up looking like you went impaling smurfs w/ your fingers. beyond that, i'm definitely a fan. wish you got more for your money and that the scoop wasn't shipped inside the container (attach it to the outside w/ a holder.. or just flat separate all together).. but beyond that, i'm a fan.

James Graham
Great product if they sent it all

I ordered 2 tubs of Maw and they only sent one. I've tried 3 times emailing them about this and they never respond. I have ordered in the past and not had a problem though