MAW Energy RIP Harambe
MAW Energy RIP Harambe
MAW Energy RIP Harambe
MAW Energy RIP Harambe

MAW Energy RIP Harambe

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MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

RIP Harambe is a mango, guava, tangerine, strawberry mix.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Slone
Great taste

It’s has a good kick of energy

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I got this tub as a free trial and wasn’t sure if it was any good. Scoops are small and the tub was also small but it gives you A LOT of energy. You won’t be disappointed with this flavor.

Marc Chalmers
Strong Contender

Wife and I have both been enjoying MAW drinks and now Green Growl has real competition. Tasty and smooth.

Joseph Moore
Best Flavor

With out a doubt this is my favorite flavor. I recommend this flavor to all of my co-workers and friends.

Trenton Anderson
Absolutely the best

I was weary at first but was hooked by the free trial. This is absolutely the best energy drink I've ever had by far and tastes freaking amazing. NO SHAKES JUST FOCUS! I'm a massage therapist at a chiropractic office and I'm constantly struggling to keep my energy levels up to par with my work load but my first day trying this was amazing. I was alert, focused and able to finish my workday without feeling completely exhausted. Tried it over the weekend for a long gaming session and played till 3am without even a yawn. I'm done with redbull and cold brew. MAW is my new energy source.