MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder

MAW Energy Sour Powder

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Sweet is nice, but sometimes you need something with a little more bite. MAW Energy Sour Powder is a MIX-IN that transforms your favorite MAW into a brand new flavor. It's made to be mixed in with your favorite flavors of MAW to your liking!

Customer Reviews

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Heriberto Sarmiento
Good and great taste

I took the challenge and maw energy taste great but my favorite part is mixing blue buzz with the sour powder is a great kicks start in the morning, specially when I need to be on alert at work . Also the sour powder is so good I'm adding it to all my drinks.

Cody Garner
Great for anything you need to add a zing to

I got this with the rip harambe flavor cause i like a tart drink that being said my mind got to wondering an this stuff is also killer on other things i put a pinch on my apple ring gummies for that extra sour kick

Matthew Burnworth

I'm not a big sour drink person but I love how when I'm in the mood, I can make any flavor sour. It works great and you control how sour you want it.

A. Benny
Rip Harambe, Mythic Melon

RIP Harambe is the best flavored one, I got the Muthic melon , but I’m not a huge fan of it. RIP Harambe for the win! The taste is phenomenal and energy is good.

Crystal Johnson
Good product

I liked this product just don't like the price it's a bit expensive for the amount received.