MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder
MAW Energy Sour Powder

MAW Energy Sour Powder

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Sweet is nice, but sometimes you need something with a little more bite. MAW Energy Sour Powder is a MIX-IN that transforms your favorite MAW into a brand new flavor. It's made to be mixed in with your favorite flavors of MAW to your liking!

Customer Reviews

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Dave Smith
Nice mixer

It makes it taste like my other energy drinks I used. I love the sour flavor of gummy worms so this does that for
Me in a sense. Buy it and you will not be disappointed in using it in your Maw energy drink. Good stuff!

Moises Mosqueda

The flavor is delicious. I like to put both berry and sour powder together for a perfect balance.

Works with any drink

For a green Alpha Pack, the contents were amazing.

Kaitlyn Hmieleski
So Amazing

I love the drinks but sometimes it seemed too sweet and didn't give the mouth pucker I needed to really give my taste buds what they want. Some days I like sweet but other days I want sour. This gives you the option for a tart or smack in the face sour. I absolutely LOVE It!!!

Jamin Arellano
Just what maw needs

I love maw, it's the only energy powder I keep coming back to but I really like sour drinks and the sour powder is perfect to mix it up. I only wish they threw some in every few months with a subscription, but either way I'm going to continue getting this stuff.