MAW Energy Subscription (Green Growl)
MAW Energy Subscription (Green Growl)
MAW Energy Subscription (Green Growl)
MAW Energy Subscription (Green Growl)

MAW Energy Subscription (Green Growl)

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Join the MAW Energy Team! This is what you get with your subscription: 

  1. One Jar of Green Growl MAW Energy & Focus Blend
  2. 30% Off Retail For Life of Subscription

MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

Green Growl is Cherry Limeade esque. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dave Hunsaker

Good stuff 👏

Scottie bivins
Great product

Maw energy has a lot of great flavors. This was my 2nd time trying the Green Growl and it's ok but not my favorite. It tasted a little different the first time I tried it but it's still a good flavor. It says 1 scoop per 8oz or more of you want that energy buzz but with this flavor one scoop in a 14oz bottle is a little strong too flavor wise not energy wise. All in all I think I will be sticking with the Blue Buzz from now on or the Mythic Melon when it's in stock, those 2 have been my favorite flavors this far.

Willi Neumann
Can't beat it!

I wanted to give MAW Energy a fair shake before sending a review, it's been 2 months since I first tried MAW and honestly it's the best energy drink I've had to date, and yes I've been drinking several other brands for years, but they always get bland, or stop working and make me feel clouded after a while, but so far I haven't experienced this at all with MAW, during the winter months I game pretty hard, but as soon as the weather warms up I'm out living a paintballer and Kayak angler lifestyle, always on the move, always travelling to events and I have to admit, I take MAW with me everywhere I go to help me stay awake, focused, and to keep the grind alive! Honestly...You can't beat it!

Gregory Criss
It works

I mean, it tastes good, it works, and at a pretty good price point. What else do you want?

Alexander fusco