Mamba – MAW Energy


We did it! It's been an entire year since MAW was born and it has been a crazy year. We have been trying to think of a cool way to celebrate this milestone for the past couple of months. Cool new video, nice sappy letter to all of our supporters, new flavor? While all of these could have been awesome our friend Kurt solved the problem for us. Some of you may not know that we were originally called Mamba Energy. We started with two flavors and some merch. As we started growing we wanted to expand our product line and so changed our name to MAW Energy and introduced new marks for each of the flavors in addition to the snake in our logo. 

So, back to Kurt. 

Running a business can be hard. The deadlines are tight and there are a lot of moving parts. Sometimes mistakes get made. Sometimes those mistakes include sending the wrong artwork to the manufacturer and getting an entire order of Blue Buzz in the original Mamba labels.


So in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade we decided that the throwback edition would be the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Now for the sappy part: We couldn't have done any of this without you. We love working on something we are passionate about and you folks let us do that. As an additional gift for those of you that are curious enough to follow a link on a sticker you can use this code for 20% off any order:



Blake, Seth, Taylor, and (yes he is still here) Kurt