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Most Powdered Energy Drinks Freaking Suck

The worst part about powdered energy drinks is that they should be awesome. They are cheaper than cans, you can keep TONS of it in your cabinets and just make it whenever you want, and they should taste good.

If they are supposed to be awesome, how come they suck?

Usually, they aren't even energy drinks, they're preworkouts. There is a HUGE difference between the two. Sure, they both have caffeine and some of the other ingredients are similar, but the goals are way different. A preworkout is full of ingredients to make your veins open up to bring more blood to your muscles (that is that itchy/tingly feeling). It's full of ingredients to help you recover after lifting heavy things. It's full of ingredients that taste really bad and no amount of flavoring will make it taste better. There isn't anything wrong with this if you are going to the gym, but you don't need any of these to game.

We Made a Powdered Energy Drink For Gamers

We did something different.

Instead of just rebranding some formula and selling it to gamers, we made our own. A super simple formula that had one goal:

Be the best-tasting and effective powdered energy drink for gamers to buy.

How did we do that?

- We formulated our own powder and removed out all of that stuff that you don't need.
- We made it so that it mixes PERFECTLY smooth every time.
- We made it taste freaking good.
- We made it affordable 

This Will Be The Best Powdered Energy Drink That you Ever Try

Seriously, it's freaking good. That's kind of the whole point.  

Let's Talk More About this Magical Formula


This is the real magic in any energy drink. Did you know though that there are tons of different types of caffeine with different energy profiles? Neither did we until we began on a quest to find the right one. The biggest problem with synthetic caffeine is that it has a really strong front end, and a drastic crash because the body absorbs it too quickly. Nobody enjoys a caffeine crash. We chose a natural caffeine that has a much smoother energy profile. 


These are the ying to caffeine's yang. While caffeine is a stress hormone, B-Vitamins work to regulate those side effects. It also has been shown to provide energy and mental alertness. Next to caffeine, this is one of the effective ways to noticeably feel more alert. We put a lot of B-Vitamins in our mix as caffeine has a mild diuretic effect (make you pee more) and want to give your body the best chance of absorbing an effective dose.

We're Running a Ridiculous Deal

Anyone can say that their product is the best, but we put our money where our mouth is. Get all 5 flavors of MAW and a Shaker Cup for $93.50 (Retail $187.25). 

That is a 50% discount.

We're not sure how long this deal will be around. If you were to buy this many energy drinks at a store it would cost almost a thousand bucks. 

MAW Energy Bundle

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