MAW Energy Subscription (RIP Harambe)
MAW Energy Subscription (RIP Harambe)
MAW Energy Subscription (RIP Harambe)

MAW Energy Subscription (RIP Harambe)

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Join the MAW Energy Team! This is what you get with your subscription: 

  1. One Jar of RIP Harambe MAW Energy & Focus Blend
  2. Free Shaker Cup (Limited Time Offer) 
  3. 30% Off Retail For Life of Subscription

MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

RIP Harambe is a mango, guava, tangerine, strawberry mix.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I enjoyed the Harambe, super good flavor. When I first opened it, reminded me of the good ol days mixing kool aid and tang. Definitely helps me with my gaming

Very nice for streamers

I stream a pretty good bit here and there and mall energy is a pretty good drink for streaming only thing is it's a little bit sour

GREAT Flavor

Honestly one of my favorite energy drink flavors of all time. Don't let the terrible name fool you. I've been experimenting with these energy drink mixes to replace buying canned drinks all the time, and this is the one subscription I'll probably keep going indefinitely. Besides the great flavor, Maw is the smoothest dissolving out of all the brands I've tried. Awesome product overall!


This is the cleanest energy I've ever used. There is no crash after about 2 hours like other energy drinks.

Perfect for Streamers

As a parent of 3 young children and a streamer my days are long, very long. My streams normally start late at night after everyone settles and which is after my day job of course. So on those nights that I stream late into the darkness I use MAW energy. The price is perfect for someone who usually drinks a LOT of energy gimmicks, and with no crash and no jitters I can play as long as I need to and stay alert to interact with chat!