MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)
MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)
MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)
MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)
MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)

MAW Energy Subscription (Variety Sub)

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For those who want a little bit of everything. Join the MAW Energy Team! This is what you get with your subscription: 

  1. One Jar MAW Energy & Focus Blend of the Month
  2. 30% Off Retail For Life of Subscription

2020 Schedule:

September | Green Growl
October | RIP Harambe
November | Jungle Berry
December | Blue Buzz

MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Jungle Berry is our take on fruit punch, Green Growl is Cherry Limeade esque, Blue Buzz is like a blue raspberry, RIP Harambe is a mango, guava, tangerine, strawberry mix. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Michael Youngerman

I love this stuff 💞

No competition

Me and my wife love this stuff, its the perfect blend without giving you the jitters and the only energy drink that has worked for us. MAW feels "cleaner" then any other I've tried and the monthly subscription is actually saving me 100s of dollars a month on redbulls/redline while also giving me a much cleaner buzz. Maw has perfected the art of the energy blend and I recommend it to everybody

Darnnay Burdick

They ship fast and automatically. I don’t have to worry about if I have paid it or ordered it. They ship fast. They work great and they taste great. Best part is I get a different flavor every month.

Camaron Jennings
Variety ?!

I totally thought it was gonna be 15 servings of four flavors. Not the case. It's on a monthly schedule of a different flavor each month. This was not expressed when I changed the subscription. And the picture for the variety subscription really made it look like four flavors in one. Yikes. Great product. Might cancel tho.


Hands down best energy product out there. I even got a few coworkers hooked on it. For anyone in public safety and health conscious, this product is amazing!!