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Best Defense in Madden 21

An excellent and tactical defense is vital for the success of any team in the NFL. Regardless of how the team is aggressive, disciplined, or experienced, the team can be easily beaten without a good defense. So Madden has incorporated these tactics in their Madden 21 video game.

Whether you're a Madden newcomer or a regular person, you already know that the game becomes exciting when launching an offence on a rival team. Nonetheless, Madden 21 has developed new defensive schemes which trip you when you're about to hit the scoreline.

Here are some of the best defensive teams in Madden 21

Chicago Bears (Ratings:88)

You may be surprised to see that the Bears has the Best Defense in Madden 21. Wondering how and why? The Bears host the best linebackers in Khalil Mack in the NFL, which makes it hard to penetrate. The team has aggressive players, such as Kyle Fuller, DE Akiem Hicks and Eddie Jackson.

Although the team somehow struggles with their offence as a player, you'll need to trick the players to pass the defense. The dominance and consistency of their defense areas on another level, and Madden has ensured that you don't score easily without getting tripped.

San Francisco 49ers (Ratings: 87)

The San Francisco 49ers are the second most defensive team in Madden 21. The team is hard to beat, especially if you're a newcomer, but you can maneuver the defense with practice. The team is loaded with excellent players such as Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Jason Verrett, Arik Armstead and Richard Sherman. The players are outstanding in defending, and you'll be surprised to see how they respond to an offence. The team also has a good blend of athletes and experienced players. The team is made strong in Madden 21, and the combination of good defense and offence makes it hard to beat it.

New Orleans Saints (Ratings: 86)

The saints have been consistent in maintaining the best ratings in the defense over the years now in the NFL. It is not a surprise that the team appears to have the Best Defense in Madden 21. The team has the best NFL stars such as Malcolm Jenkins, Cameron Jordan, and Demario Davis. All these players spearhead the Saints to form a defense and offence attack.

Even though their success can be credited to their excellent offensive attacks, the team's defense tactic is also notable. It is not a team to joke with on Madden 21. New Orleans knows very well how the defense is vital for them to win the game after they lost a playoff match a few years ago against the Minnesota Vikings. And so the creators of Madden 21 have taken note of this fault.

The arrival of a Philadelphia star, Malcolm Jenkins, brought a significant improvement on the team since the player worked well with Michael Thomas and Cameron Jordan to save the team in times of need. New Orleans knows how to incorporate teamwork, and that's why they have good defense ratings.

Baltimore Ravens (Ratings: 86)

The ravens have shown great defensive tactics in madden 21. The dedication and the commitment of the team are undeniable. Raven's excellent players greatly influence the defensive tactics in Madden 21. These players include Derek Wolfe, Marcus Peters, Calais Campbell, and Marlon Humphrey. What do you expect? The team is stronger than ever, and the players are giving Madden newcomers a challenge while trying to pass the defence barrier. The goal-oriented team is tactical in their games, as evident in how they defend and launch an offensive attack on rivals.

New England Patriots (Ratings:85)

The team boasts a good defense, and it's arguably the reason why they are winning games. The team has dedicated and committed players such as Stephon Gilmore, Lawrence Guy and Devin. These players are pushing to ensure that the team has a top ranking defense in the league. You can't compare these teams with other Madden players.

In conclusion, a good defense is a key to a successful madden 21 team. Madden 21 has been more interesting and challenging at the same time. As a player, you must cover three defenses. Chicago Bears tops the list with Best Defense in Madden 21. You can't penetrate their defense easily, and you have to be intelligent and tactical. When you want to beat cover 3 defense you must make some adjustments on the line of scrimmage. These are corners and safeties, so you should run through the left hashmark. The attempt is simple and it will lead to an easy touchdown on the endzone.

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