How Tall Is Nickmercs

How Tall Is Nickmercs

It's been many years since Nickmercs, aka Nicholas Kolcheff, joined the highly competitive world of professional gamers. The competition in the industry has never been more fierce, and it takes a lot to stand out from this pack of professionals. How does one do that? This article will take a look at 8 things you should know about the legend known in the gaming world as, Nickmercs.


Nickmercs is from Detroit, Michigan. He first built his name as a Gears of War professional in the late 2000’s. He also played Halo professionally. During this time he had multiple well known public confrontations with Ninja due to trash talking. But make no mistake, Nickmercs has been at the top of his game since he started. Like all of us, he had to get through some rough patches, but he kept fighting and refining his skills and made it where he is today. 



Nickmercs started streaming on in 2010. He used his success in Gears of War to build a following. He created his YouTube channel in 2011 and made videos of Call of Duty and later Outlast. In 2018, Nickmercs joined Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag's organization 100 Thieves as a content creator. Nickmercs channel consistently streamed to 5000+ viewers daily and his stream popped off when his squad broke the world record for total kills in Fortnite with 54. Kolcheff won the first Fortnite Friday with SypherPK and earned $2,500.



Nickmercs is known for his aggressive play style, genius movement and domination in close quarters combat. He has earned over $130,000 in Fortnite prizes. Nickmercs developed an early rivalry with fellow streamer, Aydan, due to both being controller players. They are no longer rivals and often team with each other. In May 2019, Kolcheff had a falling out and split from 100 Thieves citing failed promises and poor management. He joined FaZe Clan later that month.



Despite offers from rival streaming services, Nickmercs said he would stay with Twitch. Nickmercs has garnered upwards of 67,000 viewers on Twitch. He is estimated to have earned $6 million in 2019 and was the 10th highest earning gamer that year.



Nickmercs ranks at #17th place for Season 12 among all of North America's gamers with 401k kills per match (KPM). That puts him above 100 other highly ranked players, including Ninja (who came in at #19) and Myth (#26), two more high-profile streamers who also happen to be successful Fortnite Battle Royale pros.



Nickmercs was born in 1990, making him 31 years old! That's right; he doesn't look like it either. He could easily pass for 18 or 19 if not younger than that. His age may be one of the reasons why his stream seems so fresh and energetic compared to other seasoned pros who've spent more time honing their craft by grinding away at video games rather than participating in  "real life" activities.



The top Fortnite Battle Royale pro gamers are often young people who've spent a lot of time playing video games from an early age. Nickmercs fits this mould perfectly as his older brother was the one to introduce him to gaming, starting with Halo on Xbox 360 when they were kids growing up in Connecticut. It's because of his brother that Nickmercs became interested in Twitch too!



Have you ever wondered what this legend looks like in real life? You know, how tall he is, how much he weighs? How old is he really? When I see an image of him, to me, he looks like he's in his 20s, but Nickmercs is 31 years old. He’s married to his longtime girlfriend Emumita Bonita. Yes, he’s married. He is reported to be around 5’ 8” and 175 lbs.



Nicholas Kolcheff has begun dabbling in some other games as well. He's one of the few professional Fortnite Battle Royale players who play Smite regularly where he goes by the name "Nickmercs" since his total gamer tag would be too long for that game’s naming convention. When asked, he said his favorite champion in Fortnite Battle Royale happens to be Scylla. Nickmercs has been playing Fortnite Battle Royale since the early seasons, so he knows what it takes to be successful in the game and on Twitch, where his fans have supported him from day one. They've watched him develop from being able to hold his own against other players into becoming a top-ranked player who can go up against anyone without fear of losing. He clearly has developed the skill and experience required to succeed in such a competitive gaming atmosphere.



Nickmercs might only be 31 years old, but because of his experience with professional gaming as well as streaming on Twitch for so long, there aren't many players out there who can beat him at any game he plays. But that doesn’t stop gamers from trying. Doesn’t everyone want the bragging rights of beating a legend?

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