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Arctic Howl - Grapefruit Citrus

Arctic Howl - Grapefruit Citrus

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ARCTIC HOWL is a refreshing blend of grapefruit & light citrus that will invigorate your senses and leave you feeling energized and focused. 

ARCTIC HOWL is the perfect choice for gamers who demand a drink that not only delivers a powerful energy boost but also tantalizes their taste buds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Very impressed!

This flavor is great! Refreshing and interesting. Not usually a fan of grapefruit but this is executed perfectly. Happy to have renewed my subscription, which I highly recommend people use. They are very generous with the discount. 100% worth it

Alec Cook
Might be my favorite flavor

I've tried this, the blue one and green one, and the artic howl with a little bit of their sour powder is my go to. Tastes alot like grapefruit soda.

not too bad

so i'm not going to say this is my favorite. do i have a jar? yes. would it be my first flavor? no. it's a very light citrus / grapefruit flavor. in my opinion, not nearly enough grapefruit. i've HEARD if served using carbonated water, it comes out like a certain company's prior citrus soda. and .. perhaps it does? no ideas yet. haven't tried it. at 1 scoop its way too weak, at 2 it's better. at 3 - instead of a spike in citrus/grapefruit.. you get a spike of sweet. served w/ ice seems to be the best way i've found it so far. overall, not bad. won't trade in my blue buzz for it.. but it makes for a good backup.

Matt Smith
My favorite!

This has become a favorite of mine. Flavor is Grapefruit-ish and citrus-y. I use a 28oz Blender Bottle, so going by the 1 scoop per 8oz water, I should use 3 1/2 scoops, but I found that 2 1/2 scoops, and plenty of ice cubes, is perfect. Makes for a cold, lighter grapefruity taste. It does help with energy, but I mostly use it to help me focus and boost my brains signal to noise ratio.

Jace Holt
Arctic Howl

It’s alright, has okay flavor, not too strong. Not sour either so it’s alright.