MAW Energy Green Growl
MAW Energy Green Growl
MAW Energy Green Growl
MAW Energy Green Growl

MAW Energy Green Growl

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MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

Green Growl is Cherry Limeade esque. 

Customer Reviews

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Tasty energy

Paid for shipping to try the Green Growl for free, Not sickly sweet like some energy drinks or powders and easy to mix. Didn't feel a caffeine crash and in general feels like I got more of caffeine kick than from coffee or pills (I may be in the minority here and need 2-3x the normal amount of caffeine to feel it). I was trying to find ways to help boost my mornings and for the price point MAW caught my attention.

I am interested to try other flavors and i will write another review once I can get a better feel for the focus blend.

Robert Dewitt

If you need a good get you moving in the morning look no further

Robbie Morgan
Great taste

What I can say about it is it tastes absolutely amazing! I did the free trial and got the Green Growl with just paying shipping. The energy boost was noticeable. I did 2 scoops. I've tried multiple other powders and this one dissolves very well. I had no issue with anything chalky or residue. The only thing that comes from me is the taste is kinda subtle. I'm a Sneak fan, so I'm used to the punch-in-the-throat flavor that comes with it and this is more of a gentle kiss of flavor. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you're looking for a more subtle flavor powder that tastes great, dissolves very well, and packs an energy punch, Maw is 100% the way to go! Nothing but great things to say about it!

Shits bangin

I've tried Gfuel and Gamersupps and I have to say I prefer maw over both of them gfuel has good tasting flavors but I do not like it due to the excess powder at the bottom and due to that I bought gamersupps and it was not good at all the flavor was really bad and it would make me feel sick afterwards so I saw that maw was having a free trial and I said why not and ordered a tub and the shaker cup that was 50% off and I'm not gonna lie I was expecting it to not be very good but that was not right in the slightest this shit is fucking banging bro it tastes amazing and doesn't have all the powder at the bottom of the cup after mixing that you basically have to eat after you drink the water I would recommend this to all of you who are considering buying that weren't satisfied from gfuel or other energy tubs plus I like the shaker cup alot more than gfuels it just feels BETTER in my hands and it even comes with a mixing ball unlike whatever the hell gfuel has in their shakers 100 percent recommend trying out their free trial and getting a tub for yourself.

Not bad

So I ordered the cherry limeade just to try it out. The flavor was super strong. I had to mess with the water to powder mix when i found the sweet spot it was good. Energy was a little mild with no real crash. Over all not bad low key wanted to try a different flavor