MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz
MAW Energy Blue Buzz

MAW Energy Blue Buzz

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MAW Energy is specifically formulated to give gamers an edge over the competition. Our proprietary Energy & Focus blend gives you a sugar free, no-crash energy boost, sharpening your perception and accelerating your reactions. 

Our formula is so energy packed, that one small jar is equal to 75 cans of Red Bull.

Blue Buzz is  blue raspberry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
JL Jones
Smooth texture, great taste

When I start fading out (fatigue), I drink an energy drink to bring my concentration back. I decided to try Maw, and it tastes so much better, stays smooth, and mixes easily, than others I've tried. I don't have to just gulp it dow, I actually sip and enjoy. Really good.

Great Flavor!

This was one the first I ordered and now I'm addicted! Mix this with lemon lime Gatorade and it tastes like Baja blast!

Marcia Pacak
Maw Energy

Very tasty and helps with me staying alert. I didn't experience jitters or nervous feeling.

Ryan Emry
Good product

maw is definitely one of my favorite energy drinks specifically because of how small the scoop size is and that one serving is only 100mg so you can just add more if you want extra caffeine. Mythic melon is my favorite but blue buzz is a close second

Austin Woughter
Pretty good.

Little weird at first. But the more you drink it, the better it gets.